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Top Priority for IT Investments: Improve Service to Quickly Meet Business Needs, Says IDG Survey

TmaxSoft announces availability of Tibero RDBMS for IBM Linux on POWER to enable IT decision makers to achieve their investment priorities.

Chicago, IL, November 8, 2016 — TmaxSoft, Inc., a multinational technology innovator focused on infrastructure software, in collaboration with IBM, today announced the results of a national survey conducted with IDG Research Services to assess the top three priorities for maximizing IT investments.

The research, conducted across 125 IT decision makers in the US, revealed the number one priority for IT investments: Improve service to quickly meet business needs. Reducing risk was the second major priority, and the third, as stated by respondents, was realizing higher levels of performance to support mission-critical applications.

“The findings of this research clearly indicate that the number one priority for IT decision makers is ensuring that IT becomes an enabler of business and not a hindrance,” said Joshua Yulish, president and CEO of TmaxSoft, Inc. “To this end, IT must provide open systems that afford greater flexibility and speed at a lower cost. Businesses are looking to not only improve service to respond to business needs, but innovate faster and realize higher levels of performance to support key objectives.”

Dave Lasseter, VP Power Systems Sales at Mainline, an IBM and TmaxSoft partner, added: “These findings mirror what we are seeing in the market today. IT must take the initiative in delivering solutions and services that support innovation and enable the business to adapt to changes in strategy, market conditions, and regulatory requirements.”

Key findings include:

  • The top priority among 24% of respondents was improving service to dynamically respond to business needs.
  • The second #1 priority was ensuring uptime, cited by 21%, and third was the need to reduce the administrative cost and burden by consolidating systems, cited by 19% of respondents.
  • The top-rated second priority for IT decision makers was reducing risk (identified by 21% of the sample), followed by realizing higher levels of performance to support mission-critical applications (18% of respondents).

“To meet the demands of today’s digital businesses, we are also announcing that we have made our Tibero enterprise database management system available for IBM Linux on POWER8. This integration will bring a cost-effective, enterprise-class solution to CIOs and IT managers running workloads in virtualized data centers and the cloud,” continued Joshua.

Tibero RDMS is already certified to run on the IBM Linux on POWER8 platform, unlike Oracle, and includes a relational database management system as well as assessment and implementation services. By opting for the secure, flexible, and open IBM POWER platform, combined with the reliability, scalability, and security of Tibero, organizations can outpace their competitors by delivering faster services, thereby turning operational costs into investment opportunities and delivering differentiated offerings.

Tibero for Linux on POWER8 makes it simple and economical to fully exploit POWER architecture features such as Live Partition Mobility (LPM) and the Power Enterprise Pool (PEP).

Tibero for Linux on POWER gives enterprises:

  • Four times the performance at approximately one-sixth of the cost of equivalent technology from Oracle on x86.
  • The ability to the consolidate multiple Oracle x86 database servers to a single POWER server.
  • Cost savings and performance advantages that free up budget for new or shelved projects.

Tibero has the highest level of Oracle compatibility in the market—much more so than other commercial databases or open source solutions—making migration of existing applications from Oracle on x86 quick and easy. Moreover, enterprises can feel confident in knowing that more than 200 companies have migrated from Oracle to Tibero, while realizing better performance, scalability, and security.

“Tibero is certified for, and fully exploits, the architecture of the Linux on POWER platform,” says Joshua. “We have done benchmark testing of Tibero on Linux on POWER versus Oracle on x86, and this testing demonstrated significant performance advantages over Oracle on x86, as well as massive cost savings. With a very generous license cost model, and core functionalities included as standard for database solutions running on Red Hat Linux on IBM POWER8, the price differential is over 60%. This ‘knockout combination’ of Tibero on Linux on POWER super-charges application performance, lowers Total Cost of Ownership, and enables IT to be more responsive to the needs of the business.”




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