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TmaxSoft Named a Mainframe Modernization Software Leader for the Second Year in a Row.
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More than 2,000 leading global enterprises have broken free from the status quo and prefer our technology designed around their needs, including:

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You want more freedom to...
Reduce MIPS consumption
Migrate legacy apps
Take your mainframe to the Cloud
Simplify RDBMS licensing
Improve disaster recovery
Reduce data management costs
Support dynamic and flexible DevOps

Reduce MIPS consumption on your mainframe
The MIPS used by your mainframe, and the costs associated with that use, are high and continually growing. With OpenFrame you can offload resource intensive processes without changing your environment/system/ecosystem—maintaining all functionality but at fraction of the MIPS, and at a fraction of the cost.
Migrate legacy apps off your mainframe
Your legacy applications no longer have to drag you down. Migrating these often outdated applications to OpenFrame can immediately and significantly reduce your mainframe’s run costs without compromising functionality.
Achieve mainframe modernization and mainframe rehosting
Lift and shift your mainframe assets to the cloud—quickly and with minimal risk—with OpenFrame. You’ll save on costly mainframe contracts, more effectively leverage critical data and gain a more flexible and transparent environment.
Simplify relational database management system (RDBMS) licensing
It’s time to stop paying for compute power you’re not using, and maximize your mission-critical data. Tibero accomplishes both. It lets you leverage your on-premise software defined data center investment with a simple licensing model.
Implement a simple and effective disaster recovery solution
For your tier 2 and 3 applications, the cloud can help you save on hardware and infrastructure. With Tibero as your fortress, you’ll get performance, functionality and more, and only pay for what you use.
Maximize performance of alternative processors and architectures
Until now, you had to pay extra for the key database features you need. Those days are over. Tibero comes bundled with all the essentials, for far less than you’d expect, substantially reducing your total cost of ownership.
Acquire modern and flexible DevOps tools
Building a robust DevOps environment doesn't have to be complicated. Tibero makes it so much easier. Tibero partners with best-of-breed DevOps tools, and helps you save. Plus, you’ll experience unparalleled technical benefits.

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