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TmaxSoft Japan launches Tibero RDBMS on e-commerce platform through partnership with snapshot

Independent, small and medium business IT professionals across Japan now have easy access to an alternative database

On September 14, TmaxSoft Japan, a rehosting solutions and middleware vendor based in Tokyo, will be launching its Tibero relational database management system on the e-commerce platform owned by snapshot, an IT infrastructure solutions company in Nagoya, Japan. This partnership is part of the joint effort to reach small and medium-sized businesses and independent engineers who are looking for alternatives to Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE1) - particularly those who can benefit from more service industry options. It is expected that Tibero sales from all channels, including the snapshot platform, will generate revenues worth 500 million yen (USD 4.4 million) over the next five years. The price of Tibero starts from 65,000 yen (USD 580) without tax. Tibero will go live on snapshot’s e-commerce platform beginning on September 14 at

Story behind snapshot’s decision to launch Tibero
snapshot had been distributing Oracle’s inexpensive SE1 and related application programs to SMBs at reasonable prices. Oracle discontinued SE1 in 2016. In response, snapshot initiated a test of several alternative RDBMSs to find the best replacement. The results showed that Tibero shortened the migration period and reduced the migration cost by up to 50 percent in comparison to the competition. Based on the results, snapshot chose Tibero as their next RDBMS product. (The test results were specific to snapshot’s migration project may vary from project to project.)

In addition, pricing for using Tibero in a virtual or cloud environment is usage-based. This pricing model meets business needs for a custom-tailored maintenance model, cost reduction, and system modernization. This convenient license model is part of snapshot’s decision to partner with TmaxSoft. Tibero will be available on snapshot’s e-commerce platform effective September 14, giving more options to SMBs, system integrator vendors, and engineers all across Japan.

Further Joint Services
Tibero supports a migration utility option called T-UP that assesses whether migrating application programs from Oracle to Tibero is possible and supports migration. In addition, TmaxSoft Japan and snapshot offer assessment services using T-UP. Based on the assessment results, the end user can determine the validity and cost of a migration project. The assessment services are priced at 400K yen (USD 3564).

The two companies are also considering further joint projects to migrate snapshot’s package software to Tibero and to develop new package software using Tibero.

Message from TmaxSoft Japan
Our partnership with snapshot will help us reach more customers with RDBMS Tibero. snapshot retains many big clients and has extensive experience in building information systems for SMBs as well. Identifying their client’s various needs and helping them improve performance and reduce cost have been key to snapshot’s business. As partners, we will endeavor to help SMBs and system integrators benefit from cost reduction by migrating to our high-performing products.

Asai Kent, CEO
TmaxSoft Japan

Message from snapshot
Our partnership with TmaxSoft Japan will enable SMBs to make investments in information systems within their budget. As an initiative, we are currently running tests to see if we can migrate our B2E pro, a package software for human relations and administrative services, to Tibero. Migrating our own programs to Tibero will give us proper technical knowledge to guide package vendors and system integrators looking for an RDBMS. As a total IT solutions enterprise, we make it our mission to provide software services that satisfy clients’ needs.

Kamijukkoku Hiroshi, CEO

Tibero RDBMS
Since its release in 2003, Tibero has been adopted by many government institutions in South Korea. More than 2,000 clients have chosen Tibero. In Japan, Tibero RDBMS 5.0 has been available since February 2012.

Tibero supports the standard SQL and Tibero Active Clustering (TAC). It also supports functions compatible with Oracle’s Real Application Clusters (RAC), Procedural Language Extensions to SQL (PL/SQL), and data retrieval methods. Its high compatibility with Oracle makes it easy to migrate and operate the existing applications without changes. TmaxSoft is focusing on developing software products using the latest technologies, enabling high compatibility with Oracle, big data analysis, and in-memory databases. Tibero is one of TmaxSoft’s core products for next-generation big data services.

Established in 1990, snapshot is a software company. It restructured into a limited liability company in 2001.

In 2002, it released B2E pro, which is a software package that offers specialized assistance to human resources and administrative services management in businesses enterprises with employers ranging from 200 to 1,500. B2E pro enables easy corporate communication, and has been endorsed by 45 companies including manufacturers, retailers, and research institutions, and 60,000 users.

The B2E pro packages includes B2E Attendance Management, B2E pro Payroll Summary Report, B2E pro Event Signup, B2E pro Employee Management, and B2E pro Tax Preparation. The company is developing another product, B2E pro Talent Management, for visualizing individual employee’s strengths and managing the organization. It is expected to be available in mid-September.

In addition to developing and distributing proprietary software packages, the company partners up with other software vendors to build systems, support maintenance and operations, and design web services optimized for clients. It endeavors to provide access to artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and IoT for businesses to enhance productivity.

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