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TmaxSoft Designates US Office as Global HQ and Appoints Joshua Yulish as New Global CEO

New global HQ and new Global CEO represent the next phase in TmaxSoft’s global expansion

Chicago, IL, November 15, 2016 – TmaxSoft, a multinational technology innovator focused on infrastructure software, today announced that its office in Chicago, USA, has been designated as its new global headquarters and that Joshua Yulish has been appointed as Global CEO, a new role in the company created specifically to drive global expansion.

Founded in 1997 by Professor Daeyeon Park in South Korea, TmaxSoft has grown to become the largest independent software company in its domestic market. Its core focus lies in providing infrastructure solutions that give enterprise CIOs viable alternatives to the traditional dominant software providers for driving digital business. After almost two decades of expansion, with 12 subsidiaries established worldwide including in the US, UK, Brazil, and China, the company has made the decision to reassign the global headquarters to Chicago, IL., to drive accelerated global growth.

Three new regional headquarters have also been established to drive localized sales and marketing efforts. The company’s South Korean office will become the regional headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region, headed by Simon Kim. This location will also continue as the primary location for research and development. The EMEA region headquarters will be based in London and lead by Andy Kim, while the new global headquarters in Chicago will also serve as the regional headquarters for the Americas, led by Joshua Yulish. Simon and Andy were previously in key leadership roles with TmaxSoft, and will be responsible for the company’s expansion into 10 new markets across Asia-Pacific and EMEA in 2017.

Professor Park commented on the new organizational strategy: “The headquarters of a business represents its nerve center. It orients the organization’s strategy and helps shape its culture. While we have derived huge benefits from our South Korean roots, including access to some of the world’s most talented engineers, this is the ideal time to take advantage of the unparalleled track record that leading US companies have for successfully taking local brands to global markets.

“In the US, competition is fierce, the talent pool is sophisticated and large, and you have to learn to win at scale – it’s a breeding ground for world-beating companies. For TmaxSoft, this move represents our intensified focus on growth and on competitiveness. It will allow us to change the way we strategize and operate to boost our American presence, as well as to develop a strong platform for global growth,” he added.

The appointment of Joshua Yulish to the new role of Global CEO, created to bring greater centralized direction to TmaxSoft’s global expansion, complements this adjustment. Joshua has been leading the company’s aggressive American expansion as CEO of TmaxSoft Inc. since 2015, and he has experience in managing global teams at Hewlett-Packard and other enterprise software companies.

Joshua commented: “I am honored to be leading TmaxSoft into this exciting new phase. As the preeminent leader in the software industry in South Korea, the company has technological innovation in its DNA, and this move is an opportunity to inject American industriousness and growth-savvy into the genetic mix. Having led the development of the company’s presence in the US for over a year now, it’s clear to me that we’re well-positioned to take on established companies in the infrastructure space in the US, and to subsequently use this position to further accelerate our global expansion.

“The American headquarters will be home to our new global marketing facility, which will bring cohesion to our go-to-market process and ensure that the TmaxSoft story is consistently and effectively communicated and understood in all of the countries in which we are operating. Centralizing the marketing function and rooting it in English further reflects our global orientation,” added Joshua.

The global headquarters is located in downtown Chicago. In order to accommodate the newly expanded team and infrastructure, a new, purpose-built space is currently under construction, and the company expects to assume occupancy in the Spring of 2017. Chicago was chosen not only for its growing stature as an international hub of trade, but also for its rapidly expanding presence in the technology sector and its large talent pool.

Joshua concluded: “As a city that is central to markets across the US and all of North America, Chicago represents the perfect base from which we can drive our presence in the US and beyond. I am determined to take this new challenge head on and help drive TmaxSoft forward to become one of the world’s preeminent international software companies.”




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TmaxSoft is a global software innovator focused on infrastructure and data modernization, with solutions that offer enterprise CIOs viable alternatives to support their global IT powerhouses and drive competitive advantage. Tibero is the best enterprise RDBMS for the Virtual Data Center. Our licensing model allows enterprises to fully maximize their virtualization investment by only licensing the cores associated to a given VM, resulting in drastically lower TCO. OpenFrame is a legacy rehosting solution that enables mainframe applications, resources and data to be migrated to a less expensive, high performance open or cloud system while reducing TCO and minimizing risk of migration. JEUS is the first Web Application Server in the world to be J2EE 1.4, JAVA EE 5, and JAVA EE 6 Certified, and delivers improved security over traditional WAS. TmaxSoft was founded in 1997 in South Korea and today has over 800 employees in 12 strategic centers around the world. The company’s global headquarters is located in Chicago, IL, USA. Please visit for more information.

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