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Tmax successfully supports KERIS’s e-Learning site, an online/distance teaching-learning platform

GYEONGGI-DO, South KoreaMay 28, 2020

  • - Tmax, the only proprietary system software company in Korea, successfully supports the e-Learning site that provides online/distance education for elementary, middle and high school students
  • - In the post-Corona era, the domestic cloud market for system software, such as JEUS and Tibero, is expected to grow with the rising demand for untact education

With the spread of non-face-to-face or untact culture and conducting of online classes for elementary, middle and high schools, Tmax has contributed greatly to facilitate online learning provided by Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS).

Tmax, the only system software company who develops its own original technology in Korea, said that the company has partnered with Naver Business Platform (NBP, CEO Park Won-ki) to ensure stable operation of the e-Learning site by providing: ▲product license expansion ▲24-hour standby system ▲ technical and product support including system monitoring by dedicated engineers from Tmax HQ and Tmax Yeongnam.

With two weeks left until online opening of schools, Tmax and NBP built additional seven e-Learning sites across Seoul, Busan, and Gyeonggi-do to accommodate more students. To allow the estimated 400K-500K students to concurrently access the e-Learning system when schools open online in the second phase, they rebuilt their DBMS and WAS systems into a distributed environment.

Through post data analysis, they predicted about 1.5 million concurrent users to access the system in the third phase. Considering the regional variance in the number of visitors, a total of 12 e-Learning sites were up and running in time for the third phase of online school opening.

During the one month spent on system analysis and expansion, Tmax expanded licenses for JEUS, WebtoB, and Tibero and optimized WAS and database servers to relieve bottlenecks from 650K+ concurrent users and achieve seamless online opening of schools.

During the short time period remaining prior to school opening, Tmax expanded the system with cores and servers that can scale tens of times to prepare for sudden traffic spikes.

The advantages of a domestic company compared to foreign and open source companies have helped to: achieve large-scale core/server expansion in a limited time frame without bottlenecks or failures; provide fast technical support and 24-hour monitoring system; quickly collect and handle technical questions and requests through real-time communication. Leveraging these advantages allowed Tmax to make a significant contribution in removing obstacles to ensure students’ right to education.

KERIS’s Digital Textbook and e-Learning platforms are large-scale educational learning platforms that support educational contents for 4 million elementary, middle and high school students nationwide. The e-Learning sites run on Tmax’s JEUS, WebtoB, and Tibero in NBP's public cloud.

In preparation for the post-Corona era, the Korean government is seeking the Korean version of the New Deal that focuses on digital-based projects. This has caused the untact culture including online opening of schools to spread rapidly. Accordingly, the proliferation of cloud technology and the demand for DBMS and WAS solutions are increasing significantly, and the cloud market with various commercial product offerings is forecast to grow.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools, the educational authorities are allowing schools to implement a “Blended” learning model mixing conventional and e-learning. Under this model, students will attend school in person every other day or bi-weekly. Now more than ever, it is critical that e-learning and other distance education systems provide seamless and reliable services.

Lee Hyung-bae, CEO of TmaxSoft, said: “We will continue to provide full corporate-level support so that students can continue to learn online through these challenging times of COVID-19.” He added: “We expect that new services and products leveraging Tmax's technology will drive the market as online and untact activities increase and the government pushes for the Korean New Deal.”

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