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Tibero CE: A Guide for AWS Users

Thank you for choosing Tibero CE on AWS Cloud.

The following is a guide to Tibero CE for AWS Users.
This guide consists of 3 main Steps:

1. Purchasing Tibero CE (Cloud Edition)
2. Viewing and Connecting your instance
3. Configuring and OS and DB instance, and installing Tibero CE

For Additional help please contact : cloudsupport@tmaxsoft.com
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STEP 1: Purchasing Tibero CE (Cloud Edition) from AWS Marketplace


1. Select Tibero 6 CE Cloud Edition on AWS Marketplace and click “Continue”.


2. Select an EC2 instance type and click “Launch with 1-Click”.


3. The selected instance will be deployed, and the software installation details will be displayed.


STEP 2: Viewing and Connecting Your Instance

4. You can view the EC2 instance you purchased when viewing your account information.


5. Click AWS > Services > Edit on the top left corner of the screen.


6. Right-click a running instance, and click “Connect”.


7. Select a connection method, and then connect to your instance with a client.

STEP 3: Configuring an OS User and DB Instance, and Installing Tibero

8. Login as ec2-user, and then configure an OS user and DB instance required for installing Tibero.


9. The installation will proceed automatically. Tibero database will be available for use after the installation is completed.


Your Tibero CE Installation on AWS Cloud is now complete

Thank you for choosing TmaxSoft on AWS Marketplace
For Support Please contact cloudsupport@tmaxsoft.com