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Freedom to pay for what you use

You know it doesn’t make sense to pay licensing fees for cores you’re not using. Plus, you want to empower your development team to more efficiently manage data, while boosting scalability, security and performance. Tibero, the relational database management system from TmaxSoft, reduces CapEx and OpEx and simplifies licensing, while giving you freedom of choice.

How it works:

1. In a soft-partitioned virtualization environment, Oracle requires its customers to pay for 100% of the available physical cores, even if they’re not used.
2. Tibero is highly compatible with Oracle, with active clustering to support high-performance, mission-critical applications. Migration takes weeks, not months.
3. With Tibero, you’ll realize the full advantages of the software-defined data center, reducing CapEX and OpEX costs while increasing scalability, security and performance.


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