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Make IT modernization your New Year’s resolution

It’s that time of the year again. Analysts, IT experts, and industry bloggers are sharing their predictions for 2021. For example, ZDNet is out with its “Top 8 trends shaping digital transformation in 2021,” Gartner has published “Gartner Top 6 Trends Impacting Infrastructure and Operations in 2021,” and IDC has announced its top 10 IT industry predictions for next year. Although they have different perspectives, what these predictions have in common is that next year see a dramatic increase in digital transformation.

You might be thinking that digital transformation predictions recur as frequently as the famous Claxton fruitcake—a Christmas gift that people joke is passed off again and again to unsuspecting friends and family members. But this year, digital transformation changed. It has a far greater reach, going outside a company’s walls to accommodate remote working, contactless transactions, virtual instead of face-to-face engagement, and more. There is an “out with the old and in with the new” mindset, as well.

As you explore all the possibilities of digital transformation for workplace innovation and transforming customer experiences, there is one thing that can make it all easier for you—IT modernization. Let’s explore why it should be your New Year’s resolution.

What’s in the analyst and blogger crystal ball?

To set the stage, here’s a summary of what ZDNet, Gartner, and IDC are saying. ZDNet notes that “Organizations are under greater pressure to digitize services quickly at scale to meet rising customer demands and create new revenue channels.” As a result, companies will create digital-ready cultures, use APIs to automate all kinds of processes, and the use of microservices will rise to new heights. “MuleSoft research found 30% of IT decision-makers say that automation is a key business initiative tied to digital transformation,” concludes ZDNet.

After reading Gartner’s predictions, I believe all six of Gartner’s predictions are different aspects of IT modernization. In the case of IDC, they foresee organizations making a massive shift to cloud-centric IT models to remain competitive and digitally sustainable. Their report predicts, “Organizations will focus on reevaluating their products, services and relationships with service providers to ensure long-term success. IDC report indicated that 80% of enterprises will undertake such reevaluations to design and implement better digital strategies.”

Digital-ready cultures, APIs, automation, microservices, core modernization, a bigger shift to cloud IT than ever before are all only possible with IT modernization.

Why IT modernization?

Unless your company is just a few years old, your IT infrastructure is likely a combination of a mainframe, on-premises data center, relational databases, and legacy applications. This infrastructure is not conducive to developing modern applications and environments that can change on a dime or deliver performance and results as soon as they’re required.

By contrast, IT modernization is the process of moving away from aging software and hardware solutions in favor of cloud-centric computing. The cloud environment is instrumental to automating processes, developing modern applications, and streamlining systems and workflows. With IT modernization, you get:

  • The elasticity, reliability, and scalability needed for a massive increase in digital business, workplaces, and social and healthcare
  • Development of applications that can easily be updated as customer demands and expectations change
  • Faster access to data for the business, edge computing, and AI.
  • Up to 60% reduction in costs and a reduction in TCO of 50% over 5 years because you are no longer licensing and maintaining a mainframe or on-premises data centers
  • Performance improvement of up 30% or more

Resolve to modernize and make the case

The digital transformation needed to survive and thrive in 2021 is not in your future if you cling to what you currently have. IT modernization can help you ring in 2022 as a competitive powerhouse that delivers customer, partner, and employee satisfaction through innovative digital solutions. Those are very good reasons to make IT modernization your New Year’s resolution.

After the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, consider getting your IT modernization ball by modernizing your legacy applications and moving from the mainframe to the cloud. You can do this incrementally, starting with migrating applications as-is off the mainframe, then replacing the mainframe altogether, and finally, rearchitecting your applications so they more appropriately address the new breed of digital transformation. But first, you’ll need executive buy-in because legacy modernization requires investment. Here are some points you can use to make the case:

  • Legacy modernization is fast and relatively risk free. The whole process can take just 6-12 months, with 9 being standard. You are not rewriting or ripping and replacing. If you start by re-platforming, your applications will run as-is until the process is complete.
  • Legacy modernization dramatically reduces costs. The costly aspects of legacy hardware, applications and systems, such as patching and maintaining, high licensing costs, and downtime are eliminated with a move to the cloud and then rearchitecting.
  • Legacy modernization is possible with the resources and skills you currently have. With the platform, most of the legacy modernization is automated. Therefore, many enterprises report that they did not need to add additional resources to the team or acquire new skills.
  • Performance and reliability improve, positively affecting user experience. Legacy modernization provides your IT organization with a secure, high-performance, and flexible environment that dynamically scales based on business demand so that your end users experience maximum service and reliability even during peak processing.

Want help keeping your resolution?

Unlike many personal New Year’s resolutions, you don’t have to go it alone if you resolve to modernize your IT. TmaxSoft OpenFrame is a legacy modernization platform that can help you keep your resolution. Check out our eBook, Lift, Shift and Modernize: Mainframe Modernization Strategies, for all the details.

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