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Case Study
  • Legacy CRM
  • Dispersed, siloed environments with multiple databases
  • No direct access to databases
  • Complicated and slow updates and modifications (data loads took 6–8 hours)
  • Architectural freedom and flexibility
  • Cost control and predictability
  • Confidence that the technology can evolve and grow the CRM
  • 80% improvement in processes such as data loading, importing, and BI reporting
  • More up-to-date data for analysis, which enables the business to make better decisions

Company Overview

With sales in the hundreds of millions of euros, Heel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of natural medicines.

Heel manufactures virtually all its products in Germany, using the most advanced technology and production methods. It is committed to continuous digital transformation based on processes, people, and technology.

The Heel España subsidiary searches for and researches natural ingredients or innovative doses that can improve quality of life. Enabling you to take care of your health so you live longer is the goal.

The challenge

For production, Heel follows the best practices of Lean Six Sigma by searching for and eliminating processes that negatively affect time and effort without delivering value. To that end, the company wanted to develop innovative methods for customer management and sales processes that would improve analysis and cost management. However, a legacy CRM system and no direct access to databases were holding them back.

With a set budget and a need for creative control, Heel decided to modernize the CRM. This required a new database because the existing ones were difficult to update and use, with data loads of 6–8 hours. The new database needed to be accessible in Spain, integrate with the new CRM, enable accelerated processes, and have a flexible architecture.

The solution

“A database cannot be a barrier to evolution. Tibero helps and facilitates this evolution.”—Oscar Generoso, Director of IT and Sales Excellence, Heel España

Heel chose Tibero after evaluating other products, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL, along with freeware. Tibero offered predictability in pricing and licensing and the flexibility of installation on-premises, on a virtual server, or in the cloud. The other products were not able to deliver on all these requirements.

The project scope included a complete implementation of the Tibero database as a repository for the CRM and the migration of other base Oracle data that is used for analysis and business intelligence processes. Engaging, contracting, and working with TmaxSoft was easy. The involvement of the technical team in the project and the technical support were above and beyond the norm.

In addition to not having any problems with the implementation and operation of the database, Heel reports that Tibero has delivered an 80% improvement in processes such as data loading, importing, and BI reporting, along with up-to-date data for analysis, which enables the business to make better decisions. Heel is confident that Tibero can evolve as needs change and new processes are introduced and the company grows the CRM.

Very importantly, after centralizing all information in the new CRM and Tibero, integrating the remaining applications was easy, as was optimizing processes. The result is a unique repository of information that can be simply and quickly updated.

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