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TmaxSoft Named a Mainframe Modernization Software Leader for the Second Year in a Row.
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Case Study
Financial Services
  • Establish a national payment system in Russia
  • Provide uninterrupted, seamless electronic payment instruments to customers
  • Develop a vast data warehouse
  • Support secure, large-scale data analysis and batch processing
  • Provide fast, continual vendor support
  • TmaxSoft solution handles all Russian card payments
  • Solution implemented in just two months
  • Provides full data protection and disaster recovery
  • Flexible support model satisfies all customer requests• TmaxSoft honored with the prestigious “Best National Project” award from Russia’s Global CIO event

Company Overview

NSPK, the National Card Payment System is a Joint Stock Company established in 2014 and is wholly owned by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia).

The NSPK serves to ensure safety, convenience, and availability of payment cards and other electronic payment instruments provided to customers. Its objectives are to establish and develop a national payment system and ensure uninterrupted processing of transactions in Russia.

Since 2015 all domestic transactions including those made with international payment systems’ cards within Russia are being processed through the NSPK Operations and Payment Clearing Center.

The challenge

As part of NSPK’s mission to develop a national payment system it was necessary to develop a data warehouse. The data warehouse system was required to handle a large amount of data and support secure large-scale data analysis and batch processing.

The data warehouse manages data from up to 100 banks providing high availability for analysis and processing of hundreds of gigabytes of data. Due to the high security and critical nature of the system NSPK were looking not only at the technical competency of the product, but also for confidence in the vendors ability to respond quickly to support requests.

The solution

Tmaxsoft’s Tibero RDBMS was selected for the datawarehouse system over other database solutions, because they were able to over secure, stable, and highly available software at a very competitive price with rapid implementation.

The Tibero data warehouse solution for NSPK was implemented in just 2 months and was built to support the large scale data analysis & batch processing NSPK required, by implementing a fault-tolerant Tibero standby cluster configuration with Tibero as the primary database and used as the 2 standby server nodes, one online and the other with a 24 hour delay. TmaxSoft were able to offer a flexible support solution to satisfy the customer’s requests.

Tibero Standby Cluster (TSC) provides high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery as a core function of Tibero.

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