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Case Study
  • Sufficient nodes for core activities such as paying taxes and granting licenses
  • High availability with no downtime
  • Increase in workload with limited resources and infrastructure
  • Optimal utilization of budget
  • High availability, multi‑nodal, and multi-tenancy
  • Reduction in operation and maintenance costs
  • TCO reduced by at least 50% over five years
  • Working application in five months

Company Overview

For many years, the state of Gujarat has been the torchbearer in India for providing services to citizens and government employees.

Digital transformation is enabling the government to work with utmost efficiency and move in the direction of exemplary governance. The state’s approach can be best summed up as, “Think big, start small, and scale fast.”

In 2013, the government of Gujarat launched an Urban Local Bodies initiative to implement citizen friendly e-infrastructure and e-services. Urban governance, IT-enabled services, and e-governance are the primary drivers with the goal of delivering digital, citizen-centric services.

The challenge

One goal of Urban Local Bodies was setting up civic city centers (e-city centers) located throughout cities in Gujarat to enable quick access to information and services. Achieving the goal required an application for centralizing citizen services and customizing existing applications so they could be reached from a single access point. A master database was needed to make the necessary information available from the internet.

Each e-city center needed enough nodes to handle core activities such as payment of taxes, granting licenses, and more. Data centers and nodes also required high availability with absolutely no downtime for smooth digital transactions. Therefore, having the right database and RDBMS was critical to the success of the initiative and the centralized application.

The solution

The government of Gujarat chose TmaxSoft Tibero as its master database and RDBMS solution. The government made this decision after analyzing Oracle 12c (with RAC) vs. Tibero. Tibero offered a lower-cost, flexible, true enterprise solution that was more compatible with the database and system architecture of the government’s solution. Tibero also best met the requirements of responsiveness, transparency, and accountability. The government of Gujarat was impressed by Tibero TAC, a failover operation based on a shared disk clustering system environment.

Since implementing Tibero, the government of Gujarat reports a reduction in operation and maintenance costs. Total cost of owners over five years has been reduced at least 50% compared to the alternate option of Oracle with RAC and maintenance. The government was also able to deliver the centralized application in five months. The TmaxSoft team’s quick response to issues and concerns was also appreciated by the government.

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