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Case Study
  • Obsolete inventory control system
  • Aging, complex inventory database
  • High database costs
  • Data migration with 100% success
  • Cost control
  • A true enterprise solution
  • 70% improvement in processes such as data loading, and reporting

Company Overview

Spanish company, Ibergraf Siglo XXI, is in the business of cleaning, protecting, and rehabbing buildings, streets, and other urban artifacts.

Ibergraf Siglo XXI is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment, so they also make ecological and renewable urban products such as bollards, planters, and islands, as well as buried containers with less impact on the environment.

A leader in its sector and 100% dedicated to beautifying Spain, the company’s machinery, which is specialized for each type of soil, is state of the art. A highly qualified team of employees does the cleaning of buildings with complex structures.

The challenge

Ibergraf Siglo XXI needed a new inventory control solution for the products and machinery in its warehouses. This solution is key to the business because it enables employees to maintain the proper flow of materials and goods and, therefore, optimize their resource planning.

The current inventory control system was obsolete, so Ibergraf Siglo XXI was not able to manage and update the flow of materials and resources in real-time. In addition, the system integrated with a database that had high development and maintenance costs, adding to the expense of upgrading the entire system.

The main challenge, for the IT team, was to find a database solution that would allow both the development of the new management platform and the migration of all the data from the old platform to the new one without disruption or risk, and in the shortest possible time so as not to affect the development of the new solution.

The solution

Ibergraf Siglo XXI chose Tibero as the database for its central inventory management solution. The IT team made this decision after analyzing other databases. Tibero was flexible, a true enterprise solution, compatible with the system already deployed, and competitive in pricing.

The entire project included the development of a new inventory management solution, which replaced the old solution, and migrating all the data from the old platform to the new one.

Tibero was 100% compatible with the old database, so the data migration was automatic and took just a few hours.

In addition to having no impact during implementation and migration, data loading, reporting and other data processes improved by 70%.

Ibergraf Siglo XXI is confident that, thanks to the scalability of Tibero, they will be able to evolve more systems over time.

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