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Case Study
Professional Services
  • Need for a short learning curve
  • Integration without disruption
  • A tight timeline and budget constraints
  • An enterprise database engine with a short learning curve for management or developers
  • Development and implementation of the CRM and database in the planned timeframe
  • Optimization of resources
  • Centralized view of all data provided flawlessly and seamlessly

Company Overview

Horizontes Creativos is a marketing company that has been developing innovative projects for all its clients for 25 years.

The company’s current focus is on helping its customers with online marketing services such as dynamic web management and development, community management, positioning, SEO, search engine marketing, online stores, and more.

The challenge

Horizontes Creativos had decided to develop a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to serve as a single repository for all the different interactions the company had with its customers. The goal was to unify all the actions and campaigns developed by its sales team.

The new system had to centralize all the information collected from different sources and departments about its clients and their projects. This information would enable the company to analyze the results of previous campaigns and create new ones.

The IT department was on a tight timeline, so they wanted proven and risk-free technology for developing and operating the new CRM platform. In addition, there were budget constraints, so they needed to minimize development expenditures. They needed a database that would not consume 60% or more of the total development costs.

The solution

After analyzing the database market and reviewing both enterprise solutions and open source solutions, Horizontes Creativos selected Tibero as the central database for the new CRM platform.

Tibero offered Horizontes Creativos a robust, reliable database that was competitive in price and that perfectly adapted to its methodology and development tools.

Because of Tibero’s adaptibility, the development team did not have to invest time and resources in learning new tools. As a result, they were able to stick to the established development schedule and go live on time.

Tibero enabled Horizontes Creativos to reduce the costs associated with application development by providing a robust, high-performance database solution with all the monitoring and management tools they needed.

Horizontes Creativos now has a flexible database engine that can adjust to new projects by integrating with the company’s different systems.

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