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Case Study
Financial Services
  • Customer data spread across three databases
  • Slow query response times and performance
  • Inability to scale without purchasing more database servers
  • Requirements for individual data security
  • Improved database performance
  • Ability to scale with an increase in transactions
  • Improved data security
  • Integration with Java application with no code changes
  • A 94% reduction in query response times per 100 users

Company Overview

As Malaysia’s leading credit reporting agency, CTOS collects credit information for individuals and businesses from a wide range of public domain and proprietary sources.

The agency also facilitates the extension of credit by enabling individuals and businesses to access crucial information quickly and easily, empowering them with greater understanding of their finances and the necessary knowledge to engage with lenders.

The challenge

CTOS had an x86 system with MySQL databases, and a Java application that ran on three instances of Apache Tomcat. Each instance of Tomcat connected to its own MySQL database, each of which could only handle 1000 customers at a time. The CTOS sales team was experiencing slow response times during peak hours, and any increase in customers would require a new set of applications and another database server. CTOS needed better scalability and relief from data consolidation.

In addition, CTOS needed to increase its data security because of a Malaysian government policy that mandates the encryption of customer data via a security algorithm.

CTOS required a scalable database solution that offered better performance, data security, data consolidation, application integration, and cost savings.

The solution

CTOS analyzed the database market and selected Tibero to address their database management challenges because of its core business system and the Tibero Active Cluster (TAC), Tibero Active Storage (TAS), and transparent data encryption (TDE).

Tibero offers CTOS robust, scalable database management that improved database performance and handled an increase in transactions much better. Tibero’s support for tablespace and column encryption with various cipher algorithms provides the data security required by the Malaysian government. In addition, Tibero’s application integration features allow it to work with the Java application without any code changes.

Most importantly, query response time per 100 concurrent users decreased by 94%.

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