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AWS Migration Made Easy With OpenFrame

While most large-scale companies have traditionally used mainframes to host and run their software applications, that’s rapidly changing. Faced with escalating maintenance costs and modernization challenges, more and more companies are migrating those applications to the cloud. The benefits are remarkable—they let companies move and innovate faster, scale globally and get better and faster insights from their data.

Unfortunately, despite the many advantages, migrating to the cloud is not always an easy decision. After all, many businesses have invested a great deal of time and expense into building and maintaining their current legacy systems. These businesses fail to consider that, over time, an obsolete mainframe system will only grow more challenging to maintain, costly and restrictive. The migration itself can also be complicated and risky.

That’s why OpenFrame from TmaxSoft is such a miraculous and ingenious solution—OpenFrame migration is faster, easier, more cost-effective than other options, and practically risk-free. OpenFrame is particularly beneficial when migrating to AWS—the most popular cloud computing platform.

Is AWS migration right for you? We’ve collaborated with AWS to list the eight business drivers that are the biggest motivators for migration. One of these is cost reduction—AWS migration can lead to up to 75% annual cost reduction per customer. Migration also can increase staff productivity. Once again, the numbers behind this motivator are impressive: AWS migration has been shown to increase IT staff productivity by 62%.

We won’t give away every reason to migrate your mainframe to AWS, but we encourage you to learn about them all by downloading our free eBook, 8 Business Drivers Motivating Mainframe Migration to the Cloud With AWS.

Download the eBook here, and see why mainframe migration is essential, and also why AWS migration with OpenFrame is the best choice.

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You will also want to watch our upcoming webinar in November, where we go into even greater detail on the mainframe migration business drivers, and why OpenFrame is the complete migration solution. Check back on our website for details soon.