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TmaxSoft Named a Mainframe Modernization Software Leader for the Second Year in a Row.
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The challenge

KORAIL needed to implement a new ticketing service and membership system that would save money, improve efficiency and provide better customer service.

The existing mainframe-based ticketing system was unable to provide holistically integrated seat management, fare calculation and customized membership services for the increased number of online users.

KORAIL’s customers could purchase tickets at ticket offices, automated station terminals or over the internet. However, reservations were only possible up to one month prior to the scheduled departure date. The system was inefficient at managing real-time seat availability with an increasing volume of cancellation, reallocation and fare calculations. During regular peak periods, the number of simultaneous users would consistently top 45,000 and during seasonal high peaks this number could quadruple to more than 200,000 simultaneous users.

The solution

The main business system was built using Tmax Transaction Process Monitor (TPM) and the online ticketing reservation service was built with TmaxSoft’s Web Application Framework, JEUS and WebtoB.

A three-tier architecture was developed for the business system with Tmax TPM and JEUS ensuring that Mainframe-level reliability was achieved.

The new system significantly improved customer service by allowing ticket reservations to be made online, through the customer service center, on the automated ticket kiosk network or through associated travel agencies, and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and up to one year in advance of the scheduled departure date. Customers could now buy tickets with cash or credit cards, as well as frequent-traveler miles, which functions as electronic cash.

KORAIL implemented a rewards-based membership program for customers and quickly implemented system-wide policy changes and promotions such as discounts, reservation wait lists and collaborations with hotel and rental car companies. Cancelled seats could be quickly resold across all sales channels to maximize the profitability of rail services and enhance the customer experience.

The challenge

The European operations of KEB Hana bank utilizes some payments services that run in the bank’s Korean headquarters so the system incorporates stable and secure systems reaching 8,850km (5,500 miles) around the world.

The KEB Hana Bank needed to develop enhanced Banking systems to support the increasingly complex and diverse requirements in the Banking industry.

The solution

The TmaxSoft Solution for KEB Hana Bank utilised TmaxSoft’s Web Application Framework to manage dynamic web applications, static webpages, and process transactions.

This ‘framework’ comprises of JEUS Java Web Application Server and WebToB Web Server with Tmax TP- Monitor to ensure successful transactions from Client to server.

When used together JEUS and WebtoB offer a number of enhanced security and performance features, over and above the Java EE 7 Specifications, ensuring the security and reliability of the Bank’s communications.