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Reduce MIPS consumption on your mainframe

The processing power your mainframe uses, and the associated financial costs of that power, is staggering. OpenFrame can change that.

MIPS is a unit of computing speed equivalent to a million instructions per second, and the common measurement of CPU resource consumption. This unit of measurement is often associated with batch processing and online transaction processing. Depending on how long your mainframe and its applications have been running, your MIPS can easily measure in the thousands or the tens of thousands.

Your company’s MIPS is growing day-by-day. A 2015 Science of Computer Programming article reported that the amount of MIPS used by most large organizations should expect to increase 20% annually. On average, each MIPS costs $3,285 per year to a company. So if your organization is running 5,000 MIPS annually and this increases by just 10%, the incremental costs would run well over $1.3 million every year.

What should you do about it? Organizations can drastically reduce MIPS consumption by shifting high consumption workloads from their existing environments to less costly open systems or the cloud. For example, an insurance agency we worked with was able to move 4,000 batch programs and 3,000 online programs from its mainframe to a UNIX server, greatly reducing their mainframe MIPS usage and costs.

By proactively reducing MIPS, your organization can identify and address rising costs and problems before they happen. That’s where OpenFrame comes in. OpenFrame lets you rehost high MIPS consuming workloads while maintaining the original business logic. The outcome is a functionally equivalent operating environment that decreases total cost of ownership and adds flexibility to your infrastructure and underlying software. Your mainframe can now function better in today’s modernized IT world.

Your mainframe is holding you back. Should you do nothing, upgrade, re-write or rehost? Learn the risks and benefits of each, and your potential TCO savings with OpenFrame in our eBook Lift, Shift and Modernize: Proven Mainframe Modernization Strategies that Enable Digital Transformation. DOWNLOAD NOW
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