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Migrate legacy apps off your mainframe

Some of the applications on your mainframe have been developed in the last few years but the majority can be older—20 years older, or more. These applications often rely on outdated infrastructure that has outlived its original vendor support contract. They may also be based on old database software, an old operating system or an outdated product or platform that is no longer available.

These outdated components challenge the cost effectiveness of your mainframe, and affect the ROI of any major IT upgrade. Rehosting your legacy applications is a simple and cost-effective solution to this problem. By migrating these older applications to a new open platform you continue to take advantage of their unique functionality without trying to force them into newer, existing commercial products.

With OpenFrame, the process of moving many of these applications is straightforward. Automated tools convert the applications, and the data structures are mirrored onto a UNIX based, x86 or cloud platform. The programs are then compiled, the sequential files are translated, and a new environment is installed and configured. As a result, your mainframe is freed from the burden of running these apps, and the apps themselves get a new lease on life.

The ROI of this method is remarkable. Organizations that have taken this path have seen a reduction in run costs as high as 78% in the size of the application footprint. One global financial services company slashed 71 million lines of code to just 16 million lines. Migrating legacy apps also puts an organization in a better position to support the future growth and innovation of its enterprise.

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