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TmaxSoft Named a Mainframe Modernization Software Leader for the Second Year in a Row.
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This eBook will help you compare and contrast the different strategies for modernizing your mainframe and legacy applications.

You will learn:

  • Why companies lose billions of dollars with outdated legacy systems
  • Pros and cons of upgrading, rewriting and migrating strategies
  • Three modernization strategies: re-platforming, refactoring and rearchitecting
  • Why OpenFrame is the most complete mainframe modernization solution on the market, including a step-by-step explanation of how it works
  • How GE Capital reduced its mainframe maintenance costs by 66% with OpenFrame
  • How LION improved performance by 30% with OpenFrame

OpenFrame benefits

OpenFrame is a proven solution for quickly moving legacy mainframe applications and data to an open system environment with no changes to the business logic.


8 Business Drivers Motivating Mainframe Migration to the Cloud with AWS

This eBook will demonstrate the importance of mainframe modernization today, the benefits of migrating to the cloud with AWS and why OpenFrame is the preferred migration choice of businesses around the world.

With our eBook you’ll discover:

  • How one company achieved a 75% annual cost reduction by switching to OpenFrame
  • The benefits of moving to the cloud now
  • Why migrating to the cloud with AWS using OpenFrame is the best solution for your business
  • How OpenFrame works with AWS


How does OpenFrame make mainframe modernization easier?

This eBook will demonstrate the importance of mainframe modernization, and why OpenFrame is the preferred migration choice of businesses around the world.

With our eBook you’ll discover:

  • Why Assembler poses such a challenge for mainframe migration
  • Why OpenFrame makes Assembler migration faster, simpler and with substantially less risk
  • How OpenFrame works

Get the eBook and learn more about the benefits of OpenFrame mainframe assembler migration.


Download the 2021 ISG Provider Lens Mainframe Services and Solutions Quadrant Report

Learn why the mainframe modernization market is accelerating and how ISG Provider Lens™ rates the key players in today’s competitive market. This industry research will show you:

  • Why TmaxSoft is rated as a leading mainframe modernization vendor and service provider
  • Reviews and rankings of 47 mainframe services and solutions vendors in five quadrants
  • Key criteria to consider when evaluating mainframe solutions
  • Provider strengths, challenges and competitive differentiators
  • Overview of the mainframe modernization market

Find out why ISG says that TmaxSoft OpenFrame offers a fast and low-risk path to significant cost reduction, with optimum ROI. Download your complimentary report now for new industry insights!


How can your business thrive in a post pandemic world?

This eBook will help you strategize for the future by introducing seven major tech trends, and explain why mainframe modernization is a critical component to meeting them.

Did you know …

  • 86% of buyers will pay a higher price for a product if they have great CX?
  • 80% of enterprise business operations leaders say data integration is critical to ongoing operations?
  • 78% of CEOs believe remote collaboration is here to stay long-term?
  • That all seven trends in our eBook have one common denominator?

Discover what these facts, and many more, tell us about the future, and how your business can prepare for it.

Don’t delay—get the eBook and get on board with the need for digital transformation.


Take advantage of opportunities for redeploying with products that lessen your budget pressure, improve security and performance, and deliver results. Our new eBook:

  • Shares why companies struggle to control the operational costs of their database.
  • Introduces Tibero, a next-generation relational database management system (RDBMS) with a simple licensing model that saves companies money.
  • Presents the features and benefits – and the simplicity companies realize by implementing Tibero.
  • Highlights why companies are choosing the Tibero RDBMS to improve performance and lower costs.
  • Features real-world examples of companies that have successfully adopted Tibero.