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TmaxSoft Named a Mainframe Modernization Software Leader for the Second Year in a Row.
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Hear how OpenFrame helped one company innovate while increasing their agility and ROI

SC Data Center had their core business systems housed on an IBM mainframe. But this closed environment prevented them from quickly responding to market changes and customer demands. They needed to innovate and modernize, which meant they needed to move to the cloud. After looking at a number of modernization options, they came to the same conclusion that many companies around the world share: rehosting with OpenFrame was the best choice.

Said Steve Cretney, VP & CIO at SC Data Center, “TmaxSoft OpenFrame gave us a platform we could trust, a platform we can scale with, and a platform we knew was reliable and available to us 24/7.”

And Tyler Sievers, IT Director at SC Data Center said, “TmaxSoft OpenFrame has enabled the team to be more inventive and creative, and as a result, we’ve seen several projects kick-off which may have taken us six months to complete prior.”

Hear more from Steve Cretney and Tyer Sievers of SC Data Center about their experience working with TmaxSoft.

See the entire case study, and learn why SC Data Center now plans to make OpenFrame a hub for all the company’s technology infrastructure.

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Paul Bengtson is the Vice President of Sales for TmaxSoft. He has spent more than 20 years selling technology in segments as diverse as big data, analytics, ERP, cloud and SaaS. Paul joined TmaxSoft in 2016 from EFI where he was Sales Director for its ERP solutions. He also has held senior leadership positions with Radius Solutions, where he was VP of North American Sales, and with Misomex, Artwork Systems (now Esko) and Ace Hardware. Paul has a BS in MIS from the University of Iowa and an MBA in MIS from Benedictine University.

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