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TmaxSoft Named a Mainframe Modernization Software Leader for the Second Year in a Row.
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How OpenFrame helped an insurance company modernize its mainframe

A nationally known insurance company burdened with an out-of-date, expensive and inflexible legacy IBM mainframe was looking to make its infrastructure more available, scalable, resilient and performance-centric. They identified migrating their workload to Microsoft Azure as the best approach but needed to determine the fastest, most affordable and least risky migration method.

After considering numerous options, they settled on TmaxSoft OpenFrame as their preferred mainframe re-platforming approach and the best way to kickstart their modernization journey.

OpenFrame benefits include:

  • Fast deployments, often as fast as six months and seldom longer than 12 months
  • Supports COBOL, Assembler, PL/I, Easytrieve and more legacy technologies
  • Reduces annual run costs
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability
  • No change to the end-user experience or application business logic
  • Supports both containers and virtualized environments


Re-platforming is the process of producing an exact copy of an application, workload, and all associated data and moving it from one environment to another. This rehosting process ensures all the functionality of the mainframe is kept complete, with the same user experience, but instead of it being housed in a costly, inflexible on-premises mainframe, it has moved to the public or private cloud.

Migrating workloads to the cloud is complicated because there are many elements to consider, among them servers, storage, networking, monitoring, identity and access management, subscription and tenant creation. Security and compliance requirements are also critical, as are system backups and disaster recovery options. While not every component needs to be 100% operational at the beginning, a plan needs to take into account every aspect, including how and when each component will be plugged in.

TmaxSoft OpenFrame is a rehosting solution that makes it easy to shift existing mainframe applications to Microsoft Azure using a no-code approach. Since the code doesn’t change, neither does the user experience, and no data is lost. TmaxSoft quickly migrates an existing application and is particularly compatible with Microsoft Azure and its landing zone architecture.

Azure Landing Zones

An Azure landing zone is an environment created to ensure all your applications are migrated, modernized and innovated safely and at scale. In other words, it’s the platform that establishes the foundation needed to host your workloads in Azure.

TmaxSoft worked with Azure to put together an OpenFrame on Azure landing zone accelerator based on their extensive experience and the methodologies within the Cloud Adoption Framework. The fully automated Azure Resource Manager template builds out the full architecture of management groups and subscriptions, along with core Azure and OpenFrame services. As the migration of the legacy mainframe workloads is mapped out, this landing zone accelerator helps to build foundational services to host workloads in Azure. This also helps to automate the future infrastructure build-out of recommended foundational services to support a continuous modernization journey to the cloud.

pictured: a mainframe flowchart

Migration, Simplified

Building the IT infrastructure for mainframe systems, ensuring it is highly scalable, available and resilient, and installing and configuring a vast array of software products is a lengthy, complex and costly process. This impacts time to market and business continuity and creates a bottleneck to business innovation. OpenFrame on Azure solves the mainframe migration problem, lowering operational costs, adding new agility, scalability and resiliency and opening the door for future modernization. By incorporating a landing zone accelerator, the proper infrastructure can also be implemented quickly and is easier to manage and operate.

By leveraging OpenFrame on Azure landing zone accelerator, the insurance company started on the right path to mainframe modernization and now has a foundational framework that lowers costs and improves functionality and infrastructure efficiency.

OpenFrame can do the same for you. Learn more by reading the article Migrate IBM mainframe applications to Azure with TmaxSoft OpenFrame.

For more information about the benefits of migration, watch our webinar “Mastering Mainframe Migration: A Case Study with Microsoft Azure.” During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why OpenFrame can deliver both improved performance and cost efficiencies
  • What applications are better suited to an OpenFrame environment
  • How mainframe migration doesn’t have to disrupt operations

Watch the webinar here.


See How OpenFrame outshines other mainframes with similar workloads.

OpenFrame leaves traditional infrastructures in the dust with its workload efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We recently conducted a study running zRef workloads on Microsoft Azure using OpenFrame.

Read the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Comprehensive results and comparative insights
  • Impressive TPS throughput of CICS workloads
  • The cost breakdown and associated expenses per workload
  • OpenFrame’s exceptional performance in Azure, surpassing z/OS infrastructure


Modernize Mainframe Workload into AWS with TmaxSoft OpenFrame

Mainframes continue to support major applications in many enterprises, running the software that is core to their business. With age have come fixes, bolt-ons and spaghetti architecture, but some businesses believe replacing the mainframe with a new one or totally rewriting applications is too expensive for their budgets. The good news is that replatforming with TmaxSoft OpenFrame and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cost-effective solution to aging mainframe workloads.

In this webinar, we describe the replatforming components, why the combined solution is unique, and walk through a customer case study and the respective challenges that have been encountered. TmaxSoft is an AWS Mainframe Modernization Competency Partner and global software innovator focused on infrastructure and data modernization.

OpenFrame Benefits

OpenFrame is a proven solution for quickly moving legacy mainframe applications and data to an open system environment with no changes to the business logic.


AWS Migration Made Easy With OpenFrame

While most large-scale companies have traditionally used mainframes to host and run their software applications, that’s rapidly changing. Faced with escalating maintenance costs and modernization challenges, more and more companies are migrating those applications to the cloud. The benefits are remarkable—they let companies move and innovate faster, scale globally and get better and faster insights from their data.

Unfortunately, despite the many advantages, migrating to the cloud is not always an easy decision. After all, many businesses have invested a great deal of time and expense into building and maintaining their current legacy systems. These businesses fail to consider that, over time, an obsolete mainframe system will only grow more challenging to maintain, costly and restrictive. The migration itself can also be complicated and risky.

That’s why OpenFrame from TmaxSoft is such a miraculous and ingenious solution—OpenFrame migration is faster, easier, more cost-effective than other options, and practically risk-free. OpenFrame is particularly beneficial when migrating to AWS—the most popular cloud computing platform.

Is AWS migration right for you? We’ve collaborated with AWS to list the eight business drivers that are the biggest motivators for migration. One of these is cost reduction—AWS migration can lead to up to 75% annual cost reduction per customer. Migration also can increase staff productivity. Once again, the numbers behind this motivator are impressive: AWS migration has been shown to increase IT staff productivity by 62%.

We won’t give away every reason to migrate your mainframe to AWS, but we encourage you to learn about them all by downloading our free eBook, 8 Business Drivers Motivating Mainframe Migration to the Cloud With AWS.

Download the eBook here, and see why mainframe migration is essential, and also why AWS migration with OpenFrame is the best choice.

Download the eBook now.

You will also want to watch our upcoming webinar in November, where we go into even greater detail on the mainframe migration business drivers, and why OpenFrame is the complete migration solution. Check back on our website for details soon.


This eBook will help you compare and contrast the different strategies for modernizing your mainframe and legacy applications.

You will learn:

  • Why companies lose billions of dollars with outdated legacy systems
  • Pros and cons of upgrading, rewriting and migrating strategies
  • Three modernization strategies: re-platforming, refactoring and rearchitecting
  • Why OpenFrame is the most complete mainframe modernization solution on the market, including a step-by-step explanation of how it works
  • How GE Capital reduced its mainframe maintenance costs by 66% with OpenFrame
  • How LION improved performance by 30% with OpenFrame

OpenFrame benefits

OpenFrame is a proven solution for quickly moving legacy mainframe applications and data to an open system environment with no changes to the business logic.


8 Business Drivers Motivating Mainframe Migration to the Cloud with AWS

This eBook will demonstrate the importance of mainframe modernization today, the benefits of migrating to the cloud with AWS and why OpenFrame is the preferred migration choice of businesses around the world.

With our eBook you’ll discover:

  • How one company achieved a 75% annual cost reduction by switching to OpenFrame
  • The benefits of moving to the cloud now
  • Why migrating to the cloud with AWS using OpenFrame is the best solution for your business
  • How OpenFrame works with AWS


TmaxSoft Named a Leader for the Second Year in a Row in the ISG Provider Lens Mainframe Services & Solutions 2022 Quadrant Report

We are excited to announce that we were recently recognized by ISG Provider Lens™ for the second year in a row as a Leader in the quadrant for Mainframe Modernization Software as part of the Mainframe Services & Solutions 2022 Quadrant Report. As part of a highly competitive market, TmaxSoft was one of 45 vendors and service providers considered across five quadrants. According to the report, “The mainframe service market continues to grow as per ISG’s expectations for both conventional mainframe outsourcing and consulting services to migrate mainframes to the cloud.”

The Mainframe Modernization Software quadrant “…is relevant to enterprises in the U.S. for evaluating vendors of modernization application software within the mainframe ecosystem.” It states, “TmaxSoft OpenFrame is a complete mainframe modernization solution to rehost and refactor applications on any x86 platform, including all public cloud providers.”

The report highlights the strengths of OpenFrame, including phased modernization capabilities, a comprehensive set of languages and technologies, and rapid access to mainframe data.

OpenFrame modernizes an existing mainframe from a monolithic architecture to a cloud-ready, multi-tier architecture. It supports both containers as well as virtualized environments for deployment on an open system. OpenFrame supports deployments that require high transactions per second and can scale to over 100,000 MIPS.

You can view the full report here.


Download the 2022 ISG Provider Lens Mainframe Services and Solutions Quadrant Report

Learn why the mainframe modernization market is accelerating and how ISG Provider Lens rates the key players in today’s competitive market. This industry research will show you:

  • Why TmaxSoft is rated as a leading mainframe modernization vendor and service provider for the second year in a row
  • Reviews and rankings of 45 mainframe services and solutions vendors in five quadrants
  • Key criteria to consider when evaluating mainframe solutions
  • Provider strengths, challenges and competitive differentiators
  • Overview of the mainframe modernization market

Find out why ISG says that TmaxSoft OpenFrame is a complete mainframe modernization solution.


TmaxSoft and Mage announce a strategic partnership

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with MageData, the leading enterprise data privacy and data security solutions provider. Mage will now be including Tibero, our high-performance RDBMS platform, as an integral part of their solution offering.

Tibero is the enterprise RDBMS of choice for the virtual data center, offering customers up to 97% compatibility with Oracle databases, providing a highly cost-effective alternative for companies looking to deploy the MageTM platform.

“In the current market, data security and privacy are the topmost threats for customers. MageData offers solutions that help address these threats and further strengthen them with our database, Tibero, through their integrated platform. TmaxSoft with MageData would enable customers to manage those threats while having substantial cost savings on the database front,” said Beau Kolba, Senior Marketing Manager, TmaxSoft.

Partner Spotlight: TmaxSoft
TmaxSoft is a global software innovator focused on cloud, infrastructure and legacy modernization, with solutions that offer enterprise CIOs viable alternatives to support their global IT powerhouses and drive a more competitive advantage. Founded in 1997 in South Korea, TmaxSoft now has over 1,700 employees in 20 strategic centers worldwide.

System Spotlight: Tibero
Tibero is the leading Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). A high-performance, highly secure, highly scalable system for enterprises looking to fully leverage their mission-critical data. Tibero provides an enhanced view of processing, managing and securing large-scale databases, bridging the gap between legacy relational databases and running workloads in a cloud-based environment

Partner Spotlight: Mage
Winner of seven Cyber Security Awards for 2020, Mage is the #1 solutions provider for data security and data privacy software for global enterprises. Built on a patented solution, the Mage platform enables organizations to stay on top of privacy regulations while ensuring data security and privacy. Top Swiss banks, Fortune 10 organizations, Ivy League universities and industry leaders in the financial and healthcare arenas now protect their sensitive data with the Mage platform.

View the press release from Mage here.


TmaxSoft. Celebrating Women Who Matter.

At TmaxSoft, we’re committed to innovation, and helping our customers manage mainframe modernization to leverage their critical data more efficiently. During Women’s Appreciation Month, we celebrate the outstanding achievements of exemplary women who continually work to make our technology more exceptional.

This year, we are highlighting three of our most remarkable mainframe specialists.


Eunjoo photoEunjoo Ha
VP of Project Delivery, New York

An avid golfer, Eunjoo is also on top of her game here at TmaxSoft. A mainframe specialist for 28 years, Eunjoo counts, among her many accomplishments, working on the first U.S. mainframe migration project using OpenFrame for GE Capital, as well as leading mainframe migration projects for Samsung Life Insurance and the Korean Coast Guard. Currently, Eunjoo oversees all TmaxSoft mainframe migration projects across the entire U.S.


Kate photoKate Park
Project Manager, New Jersey

As one of our valued project managers, Kate is all about teamwork. Coffee in hand, she manages her team with finesse, and leads in their successful delivery of mainframe migration projects for the likes of BMO, HPS and FBB, using OpenFrame. Kate loves hiking on the weekends, so we know she’ll have no problem rising to the top.


Teeun photoTaeeun Kwon
Software Engineer, Toronto

Taeeun lives and breathes all things mainframe. With a background in Unix and RDBMS and a keen attention to detail, she was a perfect fit for joining us at TmaxSoft. Taeeun is responsible for implementing OpenFrame by designing system specifications, testing them to meet user needs, and providing innovative mainframe migration solutions for companies such as HPS.


This month and every month, we celebrate the women of TmaxSoft. With over 170 women mainframe and IT specialists, TmaxSoft is committed to empowering women of all ages to reach their goals and achieve success in the world of technology.